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Winners of research projects at the expense of the state budget of Ukraine 2024

Dear colleagues!

According to the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1569 and No. 1572 dated December 27, 2023, based on the results of research and development project competitions, which will be financed from 2024 at the expense of the state budget of Ukraine, the winners included 13 projects, the heads of which are leading scientists of the united Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology.

Of them: 9 projects, the heads of which are employees of the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, 2 projects under the leadership of scientists of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology, 2 of the project – Dnieper State Academy of Construction and Architecture.

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology:

  1. Combined processing of non-ferrous scrap with obtaining strategic purity metals for the defense complex (Project manager – Yuriy Evgenovich Sknar)
  2. Composite radio-absorbing materials based on spinel ferrites for protection of biological and technical objects from electromagnetic radiation (Project manager – Frolova Liliya Anatolyivna)
  3. Creation of solid rocket fuels based on domestic and available raw materials for weapons up to 5,000 km (Project manager – Olena Belyanovska Anatolyivna)
  4. Complex energy system of energy generation with simultaneous release and accumulation of hydrogen (Project manager – Nefedov Volodymyr Georgiyovych)
  5. Resource-saving technology of processing Ukrainian rutile and ilmenite concentrates into innovative dual-purpose alloyed titanium spongy (Project manager – Ovchinnikov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych)
  6. Development of the latest measures for the identification and neutralization of pollutants entering the environment as a result of military operations (Project manager – Ihor Leonidovych Kovalenko)
  7. Fundamental aspects of the electrochemical processes of creation and functioning of electrocatalysts for “green” hydrogen energy (Project manager – Protsenko Vyacheslav Serhiyovych)
  8. Ultra-high frequency radio-transparent and impact-resistant ceramics in the system RO – Al2O3 – SiO2 – SiC – Si3 sub>N4 for high-precision missile weapons and combined means of defense (Project manager – Amelina Oleksandra Andriivna)

Project of young scientists:

  1. Electrosynthesis of polyfunctional photo- and electrocatalysts of a new generation based on titanium from eutectic ionic liquids (Project leader – Lesia Borisivna Shmychkova)

Ukrainian State University of Science and Technology:

  1. Development of innovative technology for the production of heat-resistant pipes for the aviation industry of Ukraine (Project manager – Yaroslav Viktorovych Frolov)
  2. Decentralized system for monitoring the state of critical transport infrastructure facilities with intelligent cover (Project manager – Bosii Dmytro Oleksiyovych)

Dnieper State Academy of Construction and Architecture:

  1. Industrial architectural-constructive-technological systems of buildings with integrated shelters for the reconstruction of the social infrastructure of Ukraine using recycling and distributed energy technologies (Project manager – Tetyana Dmitrivna Nikiforova)

Project of young scientists:

  1. Scientific and practical principles of designing biopositive rehabilitation buildings for veterans and civilians injured as a result of the Russian-Ukrainian war (Project manager – Svitlana Yevgenivna Shekhorkina).


This is another proof of coordinated and productive cooperation between scientific schools and representatives of educational institutions, which have become full members of a large and powerful scientific and educational institution of the Dnipropetrovsk region!

We congratulate the winners and wish them further successful research, fruitful work and scientific achievements!

Victory to us and Ukraine!