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A few months ago, associate professors of the Department of Analytical Chemistry and Chemical Technology of Food Additives and Cosmetics V.L. Kovalenko and Department of Processes, Apparatuses and General Chemical Technology

 V.A. Kotok at the invitation of the editor, prof. V.N. Statopoulos (National University of Athens and Capodistria University, Greece), published a joint chapter “Smart Coatings Against Corrosion” in the Reference Module in Materials Science and Materials Engineering, Elsevier Publishing House, The Netherlands). The work is devoted to “smart” coatings for corrosion protection, their classification, composition and methods of creation.

According to the publisher, the work of scientists of our University was praised and selected for distribution among general specialists in corrosion, science, and technology, as well as directors for the management of the integrity of plants and assets.

It should be noted that in ScienceDirect, among all publications on corrosion and corrosion protection, only three chapters were selected for wide distribution among specialists, including the work of our colleagues Assoc. V.L. Kovalenko, V.A. Kotok and prof. V.N. Statopoulos.