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USUCT is open free access to scientific metric abstractive bases SCOPUS and Web of Science

Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology  is a powerful scientific center in different branches of science, including chemistry and chemical technologies. And during many years for its collaborators and students free access to scientific metric  and universal abstractive database SCOPUS of ELSEVIER is open. The access is made from the local net of the university on

Scopus is an  abstractive and scientific metric database of reviewed literature and web-based translation. Search system uses program methods for tracking, analysis and visualization of investigations. The base of SCOPUS  indexes  more than 20,000 titles of different publications (among them there are 55 Ukrainian ones) from more than 5000 publishers. SCOPUS gives its users possibility to take the results of a thematic search on the same platform with a convenient interface to track its rating in SCOPUS (citation own publications; index Gears) etc. Also our university is open free access to one of the greatest scientific metric database  Web of Science. The access is possible from local net of the university on address:

Web of Science (WoS) is an abstractive scientific metric database of scientific publications which offers access to bibliographic data of scientific articles from prestige publications, books and materials of scientific conferences with real citation of these materials. Thus, the user can immediatly takes some representation of actuality of any works and its influence on the scientific society. Web of Science  allows  to organize searching using  key words,  the author and the organization (university), attaching the powerful device of analyzed results. The result of the search for these criteria  allows to evaluate the status of publicity, the quality of citations, the h-index and the index indicators.