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Dnipropetrovsk Chemical Technology Institute (now SHEI Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology) was founded in 1930, and the training of mechanical engineers in the field of “Equipment of coke production” began in 1933, which is considered the year of the establishment of the Department.

The year 1944-1945 became the first post-war academic year of the Department. During these years, the staff of the Department actively worked on the reconstruction of the Institute after the 2nd Worl War and simultaneously provided the mechanical engineers for chemical industry.

In the 1960s, specialized chemical equipment (including hydraulic press equipment, pump and compressor equipment, roller machines, metalworking machines, zonal crystallization units and vacuum cleaning agents by sublimation) were obtained at sectoral enterprises, which allowed to improve the practical part of the training of engineers- mechanics of chemical production.

In the 1970s, at the Department, a branch research laboratory for reactors and mass-exchange units was created (GNLL RIM), on the basis of which the following scientific directions were developed:

  • combined chemical-technological processes and equipment;
  • new composite antifriction materials;
  • energy-efficient mass-exchange equipment with multiple inversion of interacting phases;
  • reactive equipment using recirculation circuits.

In the 1980s, a group of employees of the Department led by the candidate of technical sciences O.I. Shkola, received the State Prize of the Republic of Latvia for the implementation of the project “Hardware and Technological Design of the Production of Feed Additive Lecithin from Plant Phosphate Concentrates by Extraction Method”.

In the 1980s and 90s, on the basis of the Department, industry conferences were organized on the hardware and technological design of the production of chemical reagents and especially pure substances.

The leadership of the Department was carried out by experienced specialists – doctors of technical sciences, professors V.M. Zadorsky (1984 – 1994), P.P. Ermakov (1995 – 1999), V.I. Sitar (1999 – 2000 years), V.L. Yushko (2009 – 2013) and candidate of technical sciences, associate professor S.H. Ptitsin (2014 – 2016 gg.). Since 2016, the Department is headed by the doctor of technical sciences B.V. Vinogradov, who, together with his students, develops the scientific direction “Theory and methods of calculating machines and apparatuses for technological equipment”.

The heads of the Department

V.M. Zadorsky

P.P. Ermakov

V.L. Yushko

S.H. Ptitsin