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address: room 461, Gagarin Avenue, 8, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel .: +38 (0562) 47-35-06

e-mail: [email protected]

The Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics was founded in 1966 and has its long history.

The staff of the Department consists of 7 highly qualified specialists, of which 1 professor, 2 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 3 assistants.

Teachers of the Department lectures on the following disciplines:

computational mathematics and programming;

  • Computer Science;
  • informatics and systemology;
  • informatics and information technologies;
  • information technologies in engineering calculations of the branch;
  • the basics of information technologies and programming;
  • computational mathematics, programming and calculations on a computer;
  • web design.

The main purpose of studying these disciplines is to master the skills of work on modern computer technology, the development of algorithmic thinking, mastering the development of programs of computational processes in high-level algorithmic languages, assimilation of methods of computational mathematics for solving applied problems of chemical and technological processes.

The Department holds: Olympiads in informatics among the students of 1-2 year of education and introductory lessons in informatics for applicants (entrants).