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Olha Ivanivna Poliakova

Olha Ivanivna Poliakova

Head of the hostel

Address: Gagarin Avenue, 35, the city of Dnipro, 49005

tel.: +38099 54 49 546

Monday – Friday, 8.30-17.15

Students of the Faculty of Nutrition and Chemical Technologies and the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering live here.

This is a 10-storey brick building for 600 people.

 Dormitory No 4 is a corridor type hostel, rooms are designed for accommodation of 3 people. On each floor, there is a kitchen (equipped with gas cookers), a bathroom and a washroom.

In the basement, there are shower rooms, which work from 16.00 to 22.00.

There is a laundry room, equipped with 2 washing machines. The cost of washing – 20 UAH.

The dormitory has a room for self-education, where students have the opportunity to study, conduct various cultural events and a room for sports.

On the ground floor, there is a psychological club of the University.

The hostel is located in 5 minutes’ walk from the main educational building number 1 (8 Gagarin avenue) and the shopping complex “Nagorka”, with a supermarket “Varus”, a pharmacy, a cafe, a department of “Nova Poshta”, a stationery store, etc.

Public transport stops (trolleybus, taxi and tram number 1) are next to the hostel.