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More than a year ago, our University applied to the International Union of Higher Education Institutions – Magna Charta Observatory. International observers of the Observatory praised the achievements and values ​​of the University, as well as the democratic processes. Thus, our University was given the “green light” to sign a charter of admission and support of ideals and values ​​- Magna Charta Universitatum.

On April 5, 2021, the Charter was signed by the rector of SHEI USUCT, Professor K.M. Sukhyi. Due to quarantine restrictions, the solemn ceremony of admitting new universities to the union will be held and broadcast online later, on June 6-17.

Joining the union is an important step and achievement of our University, which will affect its educational attractiveness and ratings.

It is important to note that the Charter unites universities in their pursuit of the preservation and development of university values, such as academic freedom, independence from political power, and economic factors. At the same time, the organization helps universities meet modern challenges and fulfill their mission.

The Charter was signed in 1988 at the celebration of the 900th anniversary of the University of Bologna (Italy) by 388 rectors from European universities. At present, the Grand Charter of Universities has about 900 members, including the world’s leading universities from 86 countries.

You can learn more about the events on the official website of the Magna Observatory Map: