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“Students’ Spring 2019”: Faculties of Economics and Mechanics

On April, 2nd the spectators of the interfaculty festival “Students’ Spring 2019” were fascinated by the concerts given by the teams of economic and mechanical faculties.

The performance of the representatives of the Faculty of Economics was based on the concept of anti-utopia. The students offered the spectators to imagine a “perfect” world in which every human movement is predictable and there is no place for self-expression and art. However, this state of affairs doesn’t suit everyone and, despite the difficulties, people fight for the right to reveal their talents. The spectators were shown bright choreographic numbers in different genres. They enjoyed famous songs and author’s songs sung by the student of the Faculty of Economics Vladislav Ivanov.

The men’s team of the Faculty of Mechanics began a performance with the acquaintance: in the video visiting card they told about the abilities of their participants. Then, on the stage, the students proved the talents of the representatives of the mechanical faculty to be quite diverse. The original numbers were the pot-pourri on accordion performed by Andrew Vedro and the demonstration of parkour elements by Danylo Shepel. Ali Umar Farouk spoke a piece of his own poetry on the stage. In addition, the audience could appreciate the vocal skills of the faculty members and enjoy break-dance executed by the dancing group “X-Style”.

Faculties of Economics

Faculty of Mechanics