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Norway Summer School – 2019

This June, within the framework of the International Project “Water Harmony II”  (“Water Harmony – Integrating Education, Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”), 5 students from our University participated in the’’ 9th International Summer School on Water’’ in Norway. The Department of Technology of Inorganic Substances and Ecology of the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology  successfully cooperates  with the Norwegian University of Natural Sciences, making the annual summer internship of our students as a good tradition.

In total, the international student group consisted of 50 participants from 14 countries, such as Moldova, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uganda, South Sudan, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, China, Switzerland, Denmark, Russia. The summer school lasted for three weeks. For two weeks, participants were at the Norwegian University of Natural Sciences (NMBU), located in the small town of Os, near the Norwegian capital, Oslo. Another week, students spent in the north of the country, on the island of Tromso. During this time, students attended a lecture course on water management and purification technology; visited water treatment plants (Tomasjord, Tønsvik, Langnes), as well as the second largest rapid infiltration system, Målselv Waterfall, a biogas laboratory.

The content of the courses made a pleasant impression on the students. “Contents of high-level lectures, interesting facts and examples of different devices and methods of their work,” – shares Khrupchik O., a student of TIS and E. Students were able to work in laboratories equipped with the most modern high-tech equipment: and the labs are equipped with state-of-the-art high-tech equipment that offers ample opportunity for research. “

In their free time, students could explore the surroundings and the attractions of the area on their own. “There is an incredible amount of the most vivid emotions and impressions from the trip. Norway fascinates with its beauty and picturesque, it is a country of fjords, mountains, streams, seas and ocean, and the course included not only lectures, but also exciting excursions », – share the impression of students of the TIS and E. Department. – International dinner. This evening, groups of participants from different countries prepared their national dishes. “That evening we tried dishes of different nationalities, exchanged recipes, had fun playing volleyball, football and frisbee with the teachers at the lawn near our campuses,” the summer school participants recall.

The internship, saturated with a lot of educational, scientific, excursion information, has been of great benefit to students. They were able to gain experience from the best experts in the field of water treatment, water purification and water management, and gained knowledge to apply in their home country.