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Congratulations to the staff of the Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology, especially scientists and lecturers, with high achievements in state certification!

In 2020, the Ministry of Education and Science conducted a state certification of higher education institutions in terms of their implementation of scientific (scientific and technical) activities. 135 HEIs were certified in 7 areas: “Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine”, “Military Sciences and National Security”, “Humanities and Arts”, “Social Sciences, Social Sciences”, “Biology and Health Care”, “Mathematical Sciences and natural sciences “and” Technical sciences “. The results of the certification were summarized in the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science № 372 of 25.03.2021. According to the order, SHEI “Ukrainian State University of Chemical Technology” received the highest qualification group “A” (direction “Technical Sciences”).

It should be noted that, firstly, in the direction of “Technical Sciences” only 6 HEIs received category “A” out of 86 HEIs that passed the certification. SHEI USUCT received 93.6 points out of 100 possible and took 4th place in the direction.

Secondly, among 135 HEIs that passed the certification, only 12 received the highest category “A” and among them SHEI USUCT.

Thirdly, in Dnipropetrovsk Region, 12 HEIs were certified, but SHEI USUCT became the ONLY institution that received the highest qualification group “A”.

The obtained result convincingly testifies to the high level of scientific and scientific-technical activity of scientists of SHEI USUCT in the field of technical sciences.