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Graduate work of the student of the educational program “Economic Cybernetics” at USCTU won the All-Ukrainian Diploma Paper Competition

On April 25-26, 2019, the All-Ukrainian competition of diploma works of higher schools students on specialization (educational program) “Economic Cybernetics” was conducted on the higher education degree of “Master”. The second round of the competition was held on the basis of the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” in accordance with the letter No. 22.1 / 10-3845 of 10/22/2018 of the Institute for the Modernization of Education Content under Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

As a result of the competition commission work, the diploma work of 2019 graduate student of USCTU Pisarka Valeriya Rostislavivna on the topic “Formation and management of industrial clusters” received a diploma of the III degree (the scientific supervisor of the thesis is an associate professor of the department of theoretical and applied economics, candidate of technical sciences, associate professor Naumenko Natalia Yurievna).

The Head of the Department of Theoretical and Applied Economics, Doctor of Economics, associate professor Fedulova Svetlana Oleksandrivna took part in the work of the competition committee from the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University.

The staff of the department congratulates the assistant Pisarkova Valeriya Rostislavovna, her supervisor – Naumenko Natalia Yurievna and the curator of the 1st round of the competition, Doctor of Economics, Professor Dubnitsky Volodymyr Ivanovich with victory and wishes all further creative achievements and inspiration in scientific activity!