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Rector of SHEI USUCT


Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Scientific interests: theoretical and applied researches of nonequilibrium low-temperature plasmas in technology of inorganic substances and other areas of a science and manufacture.

Publications: the author of 16 monographies, 1 tutorial, the co-author more than 320 scientific publications, inventor’s certificates, patents and theses of reports on symposiums and scientific-practical conferences. He is a scientific adviser of 9 Ph.D. theses and 2 theses for a doctor’s degree.

Vice Rectors

First Vice-Rector

Viktor I. Holeus

Doctor of Technical Science, Professor

Scientific interests: glass formation conditions; relationship between chemical structure, oxide composition and physico-chemical properties of borosilicate and other oxide glasses; development of mathematical models to describe the properties of glasses according to their oxide composition; synthesis of new oxide glasses and development of basis for manufacturing  electrical, heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant and other functional coatings on metals and ceramics.

Publications:  author of more than 150 scientific publications and more than 50 certificates of authorship and patents.

He is a scientific adviser of 7 Ph.D. theses and 2 theses for a doctor’s degree

+38 (0562) 46-21-21

Vice-Rector for Science

Oleksandr V. Kharchenko

Doctor of Chemistry, Professor

Scientific interests: synthesis of functional derivatives of nitrogen and sulfur containing heterocycles based on S-amidoalkylation products and biological activity of derived compounds; research in synthesis of biologically active heterocyclic compounds.

He is the author of one monograph and over 170 scientific publications, 5 patents.

He is a scientific adviser of 9 PhD theses.

+38 (0562) 46-13-21

Vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work

Olga P. Ryzhova, Ph.D.

Scientific interests: laws of colored enamel coatings formation and methods of forecasting of their optical-color characteristics; synthesis of jewelry glasses that do not contain lead oxide and obtaining coatings for ferrous metals on their base.

+38 (0562) 46-21-21

Vice-rector for education and complex development of the University

Oleksandr V. Kravchenko, Doctor of Technical Science


Honorary Professor at the International University of Vienna (Austria).

International Award United Europe of the European Business Assembly (Oxford, UK).

Scientific interests: nonequilibrium low-temperature plasma, chemical processes of carbon and nuclear fuel recycling, simulation and optimization of chemical-technological systems. He  managed the development of complex machine systems for railways of Ukraine; participated in the development of new technology for the treatment of liquid radioactive waste.
He is the author of 3 monographs and more than 165 scientific works

+38 (0562) 46-62-97

Anatolii S. Andrusenko


Assistant Rector for Security and Prevention of Corruption

+38 (0562) 38-56-58